Molly-Mae Hague chose her baby's name years ago 8 months ago

Molly-Mae Hague chose her baby's name years ago

"There was only ever one name for her."

As Molly-Mae Hague's due date draws closer, the influencer has spoken about baby names and explained that she has had her daughter's name selected for quite some time now.

Molly-Mae and her partner Tommy Fury are expecting their first child, a baby girl shortly. Throughout her pregnancy, fans have been trying to predict what Molly-Mae might call her daughter, and during a recent Instagram Q&A, one fan asked her how she selected the name.

"There was only ever one name for her," Molly-Mae wrote in reply. "I've had it picked out for years and years! Luckily Tommy loved it too."

The PrettyLittleThing creative director added that if Tommy didn't like it, she would have tried to make him come around to it.


"Even if he hadn't I would've had to talk him round because like I say there was only ever one name she was having."

Last week, Molly-Mae spoke about what she'll miss the most about pregnancy.

Addressing her fans in a YouTube video, she said: "I think I’ll really miss the feeling of having a little person inside me that survives off me and it sounds really, really cringy and I will literally end on this but when you’re pregnant, you never feel lonely.

"Like you literally never feel alone. Why am I getting choked up saying that? What the hell? You never feel lonely like you’re always with someone."

She continued, "That's such a special feeling like when I’m at the house by myself or when I’m here and I’m home alone or whatever or Tommy’s nipped out or whatever or I never ever feel lonely or by myself."