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27th Jan 2023

Molly-Mae Hague fans think they officially know her baby’s name – and it means cloud

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A cute name.

Molly-Mae Hague fans should get an award for their detective work after this one – they think they may have just discovered exactly what she’s going to name her daughter.

With many suspecting it had something to do with a cloud as the influencer tirelessly uses that emoji, they may not actually be far off if their latest theory is true.

Taking to TikTok, one fan claimed they had worked out that Molly-Mae and her Love Island beau Tommy Fury are going to name their baby daughter Nephele.

Posting screenshots of an Instagram account called Nephele Fury, the account has no posts to it as of yet.

The TikToker, itsmegannell, went on to explain that she had worked out the name of the unborn child and had predicted it was Nephele since November.

@itsmegannell Molly mae I am waiting I cant wait to see her little girl #mollymaehague#tommyfury#mollymaepregnant#mollymaegivenbirth#GenshinImpact34#prettylittlething#foryoupage#mollymaeandtommy ♬ original sound – Megan | Solo Travel ✈️??

She said that she had Googled the meaning of the name and it turns out it’s Greek for “clouds”, and “quite a cute name if you ask me.”

Other fans have a different theory that the baby will be called Halo after they suspect the couple’s nursery designer accidentally leaked the name.

An interior designer named Neo Home posted 3D plans on Instagram of the nursery and fans are not backing down, they’re convinced it’s Molly and Tommy’s home.

The rooms shows a similar style to their home, as well as a bright neon sign that reads ‘Halo’ above the baby’s crib, as well as a fake cloud.

Now, fans think Halo must be the name the former Love Island couple have picked – and even tagged the PLT creative director in the comments to ask.