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17th Nov 2023

This mum’s post about co-parenting will bring a tear to your eye

Her post about the reality of co-parenting is going viral

A mum has gone viral on Instagram after sharing a moving post about the realities of co-parenting.

Hannah Gale resonated with so many parents after sharing her beautifully honest words about co-parenting.

The moving piece she shared on Instagram has moved many people to tears.

In the piece, she writes about how much she misses her children when they’re with their dad and how she’s “grieving the family set-up”.

Alongside the post, she wrote: “For anyone else who has a new normal (also aware it can be two mummies/two daddies etc – just sharing my normal.”

Parents praised Hannah for her honesty and for not sugar-coating co-parenting.

“This is exactly what it feels like. I’ve been doing it for 11 years and whilst it does get easier, it doesn’t feel any different,” one mum said.

Another added: “I’m 7 years in. It’s still the same feeling but not such a punch to the gut. Still a punch but not with quite as much force.”

One mum, who has been co-parenting for years, reassured others that it does get better with time.

“You also adapt to feeling less guilt, emotions are lessened and hopefully relations between parents get better with time too. You all got this.”

You can read Hannah’s full post below. Have the tissues ready.