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14th Jul 2022

A 14-year-old girl has been killed on a rollercoaster in Denmark

Sarah McKenna Barry

Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

A teenager has passed away following an accident on a rollercoaster in a Danish amusement park.

As the BBC reports, the 14-year-old girl died after part of the Cobra rollercoaster came off the track at Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city.

A 13-year-old boy was injured in the incident.

The amusement park has since been emptied and closed down to allow an investigation to take place.

The rollercoaster in question is 25 metres tall, and it can reach speeds of 70 kilometres per hour.

This tragic incident isn’t the first accident the Cobra rollercoaster has seen. In 2008, a carriage broke off the ride, and four people were subsequently injured. At the time, the ride had only been opened for a short period.