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14th Oct 2022

Spanish baby has groundbreaking intestinal transplant

Kat O'Connor


A Spanish baby has had a groundbreaking intestinal transplant.

Madrid’s La Paz hospital issued a statement following the successful surgery.

The hospital confirmed the baby is doing incredibly well following the transplant.

Emma is the first person to have an intestine transplant from a donor who died of heart failure.

The baby girl’s new intestine was donated via asystolic donation. This means the organ is received from a donor who is at the end of their life.

This is the first time doctors used this technique for an intestine transplant.

The risk of rejection and infection is higher, but Emma’s surgery was a major success.

Emma is thriving after the successful surgery.

Emma has also received a new stomach, spleen, pancreas, and liver.

Doctors confirmed Emma had intestinal failure when she was only 4 weeks old. Emma’s health deteriorated rapidly because her intestine was too short.

Before her transplant, the team spent three years researching the surgery.

Trials also took place ahead of Emma’s operation.

The team wanted to ensure that the operation was “feasible”.

In a statement from the hospital, Emma’s medical team confirmed she is healthy.

She is also back home with her family.

They shared;

“She is in perfect condition at home with her parents.”

Her mother told Reuters, “The good news is that life goes on, that Emma is very brave.

“She is proving every day that she wants to keep on living,” her mum shared.

Emma’s mum confirmed her daughter is now 17 months old.

Feature: La Paz Hospital