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23rd Jun 2022

School bans pupils from hugging and high-fiving

Kat O'Connor

They are banned from hugging and high-fiving.

A secondary school has introduced a no-contact rule for pupils.

Under the new rule, pupils are banned from hugging, high-fiving, and shaking hands.

Mossley Hollins High School in Greater Manchester introduced the rule this week.

It is believed the head teacher told parents that pupils should have no physical contact with each other.

They’re also not allowed to sit on overcrowded benches or save a spot for their friend in the lunch queue.

The headteacher said no pupil should touch another.

However, the rule has been hit with major backlash from pupils and parents too.

One pupil revealed that her friend wasn’t even allowed to hug her after she was hurt.

Writing on Facebook, the girl shared that the rule is upsetting a lot of pupils.

“I’m a current student at this school and I was in a lesson and I hurt my fingers,” she wrote.

“My friend sat next to me and had to ask my teacher for permission to hug me?”

“I just personally think that it’s just unfair, having to ask to hug your friend is ridiculous?!”

Parents said the new rule is both cruel and extreme.

The school believes the rule will help students respect one another more.

However, many believe it will make them feel more isolated and uncomfortable around one another.

Defending the decision, the school claimed that this rule will “further improve our positive school culture”.

It also said it will make them become “good citizens”.