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22nd Aug 2022

Not enough room on school buses to meet demand this year

Kat O'Connor

Has your child been affected by the shortage?

The new school term is just around the corner, but parents are already being warned about potential problems heading their way.

According to reports, children who get the school bus may struggle to get to school because of shortages.

It has been confirmed that there are not enough seats on school buses to cope with the growing demand.

The news comes after Minister for Education Norma Foley announced that school transport fees will be scrapped for another year.

Families typically pay a maximum of €500 for transport for secondary school pupils. It tends to cost €150 for school transport for primary school pupils.

There is currently not enough room to cope with the demand, according to Newstalk. There is also a shortage of bus drivers.

Parents are now worried about how their children will get to school with many relying on this service.

Speaking to Newstalk, Fianna Fáil Senator Malcom Byrne said many children have lost their places due to the growing demand.

He said parents have now been left trying to find another solution, but this is only putting more pressure on them financially.

This year, the average parent is spending €1500 on secondary school expenses. They’re also spending an average of €1200 per child in primary school.