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15th May 2018

People are really stressing out over this viral video of a baby being baptised

Jade Hayden


We’d like to think we’re all pretty familiar with how the standard baptism is performed.

You go to your local church, the priest holds the baby, and dips the back of the baby’s head into some water. The baby maybe cries a bit while wearing a white dress and everyone is pretty happy about the whole scenario.


However, a video has emerged online of a baptism that’s fairly intense and a lot of people can’t really believe what they’re seeing.

This is it.

In case you can’t, or don’t want to, watch the video, here’s a quick summary of what happens in the clip.

A Greek Orthodox priest grips a naked baby by the shoulders and quickly dunks the infant into the water three times while some children look on shocked in the background.

The infant is then handed to a man who wraps the baby in a towel to dry him off.

The person who shared the video on Twitter, T’Chelah, captioned the footage “is this your priest????”

She then followed up with another tweet saying “this baby’s gonna be traumatised forever.”

Other people then began commenting on the video saying that the baptism looked “awful” and that the other children in the video were “having flashbacks.”

However, some users then stated that this kind of baptism was “normal” in the Greek Orthodox religion and that “every baby baptised in orthodox tradition goes through this.”

This person also argued that the babies weren’t traumatised because “millions of people have been baptised this way.”

The video has received over 100,000 favourites and almost 55,000 retweets.