Peter Andre on how he and Emily are protecting the kids from the headlines 4 years ago

Peter Andre on how he and Emily are protecting the kids from the headlines

“It’s my main priority”.

Peter Andre has spoken out about how he’s managing to protect his children from the constant headlines in the press about their mum Katie Price currently.

Katie has been front page news for months now as reports continue to circulate that she’s nearing bankruptcy, been banned from her coming to her children’s school gates and after footage of her rapping about drugs circulated online last week.

Over the last few months, Peter says he and his family have been trying to deal with it all privately but it can be difficult.

“I’m dealing with everything that’s going on at the moment, but I think it’s very important to deal with these things privately and I’m doing so,” Peter told OK! Magazine.

“Making sure my kids are protected and away from any negativity is my main priority.”


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However, in a digital age with his kids active on social media, Peter says he can’t shield them from everything.

“I try to be as honest as I can be, but I do try and find a way to divert it.

"I just want to keep the kids protected.”

The dad-of-four says that his wife Emily Macdonagh has been a huge help with his eldest kids, Junior and Princess.

“She’s a very calming influence on everyone.

"Nothing’s perfect and there are tough times in life, but it’s how you deal with it that counts.”