Rowling lifts license allowing teachers to read Harry Potter books to kids at home 2 years ago

Rowling lifts license allowing teachers to read Harry Potter books to kids at home

Great news.

Right now is a very difficult time for both teachers and students.

Everyone is dealing with a situation that we really weren't prepared for, but I think teachers in particular have really come up to the challenge of keeping things as normal as possible for their students.

My son's teacher sends him out his course work via email and via the Coder Dojo app and he can get in touch if needed for her to check over his progress.

Still, it's far from business as usual for teachers but author JK Rowling has done something that just might make this all a little bit easier.

Rowling recently announced that she will be lifting the license on Harry Potter to allow teachers to create videos of them reading the Harry Potter books to kids at home.


In the past videos have been removed from places like YouTube and Facebook for containing copyrighted content so this is actually incredibly generous of Rowling.

Thanks to the licensing being removed teachers can share the joy of the books with their students remotely, helping to bring back a sense of normality and a touch a magic into the lives of their students.

My son's school actually have a Hogwarts House system in place where students are sorted into one of the four houses and the one with the most points get a prize at the end of term so needless to say it's a school of Potter fan.

I will definitely have to drop my son's teacher an email and let her know about this because she'll no doubt be thrilled.

I think the tale of Harry Potter is actually a great one for children to listen to right now because it's about a group of young children over coming a huge obstacle, not unlike what the world is facing right now.