Social welfare dates to change for parents in February 5 days ago

Social welfare dates to change for parents in February

A new bank holiday is being introduced next month.

A warning has been issued to parents receiving social welfare payments in Ireland.

Payments are set to be made earlier than usual because of the new February bank holiday.

The new bank holiday on February 6th will mark St. Brigid's Day. Post offices and banks are set to be closed on the bank holiday Monday, which means payments will likely be issued early.

Recipients can expect payments to be made on Friday, February 3rd rather than Monday, February 6th.

The Department of Social Protection stressed that payments due on Tuesday, February 7th will be paid as normal.

Any social welfare payments due to be paid on Monday, February 6th will be paid earlier because of the bank holiday.

However, Child Benefit payments, which are paid on the first Tuesday of every month, will be issued on Tuesday, February 7th.


Leo Varadkar confirmed the new bank holiday last year.

He stated;

"This will be the first Irish public holiday named after a woman. It marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the equinox, the beginning of spring and the Celtic New Year."

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