"I just went for it": Stacey Solomon dyes her hair bright red 1 month ago

"I just went for it": Stacey Solomon dyes her hair bright red

Stacey Solomon has been called a real-life Ariel after dying her hair

The mum-of-four had her first date night since giving birth to her daughter Rose last night and went all out.

She admitted that she hasn't been feeling her best and felt like she needed a transformation.

Solomon decided to dye her hair herself, despite usually getting it done in the salon.

The mum shared, "You know when you feel like you've looked like an actual foot for too long and just need a change."

"I've been thinking about it for ages so I just went for it," she revealed.

"It's a little bright," Solomon admitted.

The mum shared, "On a serious note though it was nice to do something for myself. Sometimes I think I don't bother because maybe somewhere subconsciously I think it should never be about me and always about the pickles."



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"But it should definitely sometimes be just for us," she said.

Stacey shared some sweet photos from her date night with Swash, including one of her feeding baby Rose.

"We had our first night (well late afternoon) out today… I may have had a little moment and decided to dye my hair bright red before we went…"

"I haven’t been out and felt like I’ve looked human for a long time so I may have gone overboard but lashes didn’t feel like enough. You only live once. And I don’t want to live it always looking like a foot.

"99% of the time I don’t mind but ever so often it’s nice to feel nice

"Rose came with us on date night. I haven’t mastered the art of expressing yet (it’s such a skill) and also I don’t want to leave her yet but I do want to leave the bedroom."