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24th Jun 2022

Stacey Solomon “so worried” about Joe Swash’s stag-do

Kat O'Connor

“I’m actually so worried about you going”

Stacey Solomon admits she’s worried about Joe Swash as he prepares to go on his stag-do.

The couple is set to get married later this summer, but Joe is heading away before the wedding.

Stacey expressed her stress about Joe’s upcoming trip, especially because he had nothing organised.

The mum-of-four said: “It’s been the most crazy day because Joe is off on his stag do tomorrow. And he had prepared nothing.

“My anxiety is through the roof. Joe and dad on a stag weekend. Pray for me!”

Stacey Solomon said she was running around checking Joe’s PCR test.

She then had to help him pack for the getaway.

“I’m actually so worried about you going”, she told Joe.

Her husband-to-be quipped, “Don’t worry about me, worry about your dad.”

Stacey recently slammed the notion that it is acceptable to have ‘one night of freedom’ before tying the knot.

When asked if men should be given leeway for their stag do Stacey said “absolutely not”.

“Go and have fun but the thing is why would you want to be with another woman. If you want to be with another woman then don’t marry me.”

Stacey and Joe will tie the knot at their home Pickle Cottage.

Stacey has been busy preparing for their lavish celebration and even gave fans a glimpse at her wedding dress.