Teacher warns parents not to buy trendy pop-it stationary and toys for their kids 6 months ago

Teacher warns parents not to buy trendy pop-it stationary and toys for their kids

With back-to-school officially happening next week, parents up and down the country are scrambling to get everything ready, and all the supplies bought.

Uniforms, bags, books, pencils, crayons, and art aprons, it all has to be ready, and the same goes for things like pencil cases, rulers and notebooks.

However, when it comes to what type of stationary to buy, one teacher has warned mums and dads NOT to buy one pencil case item in particular.

Teacher Candice, who posts on TikTok as @shimononono, shared a video with her followers where she picked up a ruler – that doubles up as a pop-it toy – in a store and urged parents NOT to buy the stationery item for their children's school pencil cases.

The flexible ruler is made in the same style as pop-it toys, where kids can press down buttons for fun.

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The colourful sensory toys first exploded onto the scene last year, and pop-its are now everywhere, including being available in the shape of phone cases, rulers, pencil cases, wallets, key rings and even notebooks.

The US-based teacher, however, is adamant that pop-it rulers (and other pop-it items) should not be used in the classroom, saying that they're distracting for kids.


"As a teacher please DO NOT buy your children this!"

In response to parents who asked why these products shouldn't be used in class, Candice said:

"1st off it's bendy and you wouldn't get correct measurements. 2nd it's a distraction for other students, not just the one using it."

She added:

"3rd there are quieter fidgets to use besides pop-its."

Another reason the teacher doesn't recommend these products is that some children can lose them at lunchtime or swap them with other kids, leaving them upset.

And her final reason? These are toys, rather than a stationery item.

"These will definitely be used as a toy and not a school supply; those two things should be separate."


"Teachers complain about everything"

Needless to say, many parents disagreed with the teachers, saying fidget toys like pop-its are great stress relievers and actually a way of practising mindfulness for children.

One parent wrote:

"My sons school actively give fidget items out, it definitely helps my son concentrate."

Another one asked why it mattered so much whether or not kids use fidget toys in class:

"Why do y’all care so much omg. Some kids literally fidget for numerous reasons. Teachers complain about everything."

Another teacher who follows Candice on TikTok defended her rule stance on pop-its, pointing out:

"Can help one child and can be a distractor to another..as a teacher we know what we are talking about."

What do YOU think? Are your kids going into school with pop-it stationery this year?