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19th May 2015

The spy who loved me: One in three Irish Mammies regularly play detective

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Comedian Deirdre O’Kane openly admits that she and her husband regularly spy on their children… and it seems they’re not alone.

A survey released by Irish Life this week reveals that almost one in three Irish mothers admit to spying on their children to ensure they’re safe,

In fact, six per cent have even befriended their child online under a Facebook alias to keep an eye on their social media posts.

The Moone Boy actress asked Irish mammies to consider looking after themselves as carefully as they mind their broods and to invest in health insurance.

“Mums protect us in so many ways; from telling us little white lies, or following us to make sure we are safe, and protecting our kids dreams and futures,” she said.

“But the most important way mums can protect their family, is by protecting themselves,”