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04th Mar 2022

‘Oystering’ is set to be the dating trend of 2022 – but what is it?

Tara Trevaskis Hoskin

Although you might mistake it for a fishing term “Oystering” is this year’s dating buzzword, but what is it?

Just like relationships we’ve seen many dating trends come and go in the past, and more often than not they’re not exactly joyous.

Ghosting is the defining verb of the online dating era, but it doesn’t end there. There’s been sneating – the act of going on a date for a free meal. 

R-bombing which is ghosting’s evil twin that just means leaving someone on read till they get the message you’re not interested in them.

Alas do not despair or delete Tinder straight away as the new year’s trend seems a tad more hopeful. Oystering comes from the phrase “seeing the world as your oyster” and it is about how people act after a breakup. 

The dating app, Badoo, has come up with the phrase after their research found that 46% of people who have gone through a breakup are excited to start dating again. 

Sophie Mann is Badoo’s Global Dating Expert and she is positive about this new outlook. 

“We’ve seen many people getting back into dating, and we predict this new trend of seizing the ‘dating’ day will shine through as many singletons are feeling confident to go out there and get what they want,” she said. 

She stressed that dating after a breakup can be daunting but this new approach brings some much-needed fun. 

“Ultimately, dating should be fun, and what better way to get over a breakup than having some fun?” 

Glamour magazine has put the phenomenon down somewhat to pop culture, noting Adele’s new album about her divorce has a strong focus on healing herself and taking back her power. 

So this year is about getting out there and having fun with dating, thinking less emotionally unavailable ghosting, and taking back the fun of dating. 

The app also found that half of the people surveyed are ready to date in 2022 with a strong start. Perhaps all that time cooped up has given us the energy to get out there. 

If you’re looking for something to start the conversation with, 17% of those dating would like to date someone with a pet, so get those cute doggie pics at the ready! 



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