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16th Mar 2022

Here’s how you can get a free Paddy’s Day Curer Kit

Kat O'Connor

The ultimate Paddy’s Day curer.

We’ll all be in dire need of a curer after Paddy’s Day this year. Seriously, the 7Up and sausage rolls are already calling my name.

Before we spend a small fortune in the chipper we will need something to tide us over and Mr. Price has us covered.

They’re giving away free Paddy’s Day Curer Kits to some very special people.

Anyone named Paddy, Patrick, Patricia, or Patrice can avail of this special offer.

Paddy's Day

Marketing Director Laura Blighe shared, “If you’re heading out for Paddy’s weekend MrPRICE has you sorted!

“Not only do we have Paddy’s Day decorations, accessories & ponchos we are now giving away a very important Irish essential… 7up & Tayto to anyone named Paddy, Patrick, Patricia or Patrice! Only one pack per customer.”

Customers will need to show a valid ID to get their free curer kit.

The fully Irish-owned and operated retailer will be handing out free kits in all stores on Paddy’s Day from 10 am-12 noon only.

The Paddy’s Day Curer Kit is going to be my saviour this week.

If you’re looking for Paddy’s Day plans then we’ve got you covered.

Our St. Patrick’s Day event guide is here to help those of you who have yet to make any plans.

We hope you all enjoy the celebrations this year. It feels good to be celebrating again!

You can check it out here.