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31st Oct 2021

The power of women: mam gives birth at home during cyclone storm

Laura Grainger

One strong mama.

The labour process can sort of feel like an extreme weather event in its own right: it’s scary, it’s pressured, and it’s unpredictable no matter how much pre-planning you do in advance.

For one woman in the US though, the two events collided when she went into labour during a nor’easter – an extratropical cyclone that gets its name from the direction of the winds that blow from the northeast.

The recent nor’easter left over a hundred thousand people without power across the state of Massachusetts, turning one Boston family’s delivery plan on its head.

Chopaka Stobbart was forced to give birth at home with nobody but her husband to help her.

Her husband, David, guided her through the delivery by staying on the phone to emergency services the entire time.

The mam gave birth to a baby boy in a bathtub at around 3am local time on Wednesday, WCVB reported.

Thankfully, everyone is safe and healthy. The couple and baby Lukas were eventually able to get to a hospital.

Talk about being in the eye of the storm!