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28th Nov 2019

Tusla has ordered four Hyde & Seek creches to close by the end of December

Alan Loughnane

Hyde & Seek featured in an RTÉ investigates programme earlier this year.

Tusla has issued orders to deregister four Dublin creches run by Hyde & Seek.

The Child and Family Agency announced the decision on Thursday and said that the creches will close on 31 December.

Hyde and Seek, which was featured in an RTÉ Investigates programme in recent months, has 21 days to appeal the decision.

The creches that are to close are:

  • Hyde & Seek Tolka Road, Dublin
  • Hyde & Seek Shaw Street, Dublin
  • Hyde & Seek Millbourne Avenue, Dublin
  • Hyde & Seek Glasnevin, Dublin

Tusla announced the deregistering as part of its commitment to greater communication in the Early Years sector and the agency is now taking the following steps with immediate effect:

  • Publishing decisions to remove Early Years’ services from the register on Tusla’s website,
  • Publically communicating details of deregistered services
  • Consulting with parents as part of the regulatory process in 2020
  • Asking providers to display their certificate of registration
  • Adding date of inspection to the register of early years services to alert parents that a report is pending.

“This enhanced public communication comes as a result of feedback from parents,” said Brian Lee, Director of Quality Assurance at Tusla.

“While Tusla cannot contact parents of children in individual crèches directly, we can ensure that this information is readily and publically available to assist parents in making informed decisions.”

In a statement, Tusla said they recognised that parents will be affected by this decision and promised to expedite any applications for new childcare providers in the affected areas.

“Tusla acknowledges that parents will find themselves in the difficult position of finding alternative childcare providers in these areas, and has notified the Department of Children and Youth Affairs of our concerns, who are working with the local City/County Childcare Committees to make support available to parents,” the statement said.

“Tusla will expedite any applications for registration of new childcare providers in this area, or any applications for a Change in Circumstances (change of owner) in this area. Tusla also acknowledges the impact on staff at these services.”