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27th Aug 2018

‘TV doesn’t pay that well’: Dermot Bannon ‘doesn’t know’ why people think he’s rich

The star has just bought a new family home.

Anna O'Rourke

Dermot Bannon has said that his new family home will be simple and functional, claiming that architects “aren’t that wealthy.”

The star of RTÉ’s Room To Improve will take viewers along as he makes over his new three-bedroom home in Drumcondra in a special episode of the hit show.

He told The Sunday World that his plans for the build are “very basic.”

“Everybody thinks that I live in this massive big mansion and people were always a bit underwhelmed by where we lived,” he said.

“I don’t have huge needs [for the new home].  I’m going to do something very basic.  I just want a really well-functioning house, it’s not going to be a huge house.”

Dermot also said that there’s a misconception that he’s very well off because he is an architect on TV.

“I work in television, but I’m an architect and most architects aren’t that wealthy,” he said.

“TV doesn’t pay that well.  I don’t know where people think I’m getting this money from.

“They see the word ‘architect’, they see that I do all of these homes and I work in television and think, ‘he must be an absolute bloody millionaire’.”

'TV doesn't pay that well': Dermot Bannon doesn't know why people think he's rich

It was announced earlier this month that the next series of Room To Improve will be slightly delayed.

The show was due to return to screens in January of 2019 but was pushed back by a few months.

“To do the projects that we want to do, because every year we want to make the show better and we want to do more complex things so in order to facilitate that, we’ve given ourselves a couple of months breathing space,” Dermot said.