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16th Mar 2018

Vodafone customers could face disrupted services for four days next week

Make sure you get everything sorted beforehand.

Anna O'Rourke

Over 100,000 mobile phone users could face disruption to services for several days next week.

Vodafone has said that customers won’t be able to buy data for phone packages for up to four days starting from Thursday 22 March due to technical updates on the network, reports the Irish Independent.

“You will not be able to purchase additional data during the update process, this includes instant data bundles,” Vodafone said in a service message.

Any existing data won’t be affected by the disruption, however.

There’s bad news if you’re heading abroad next weekend too as Vodafone’s roaming services will also be affected during this period.

Customers travelling outside of Europe won’t be able to take advantage of the Red Roaming package.

It gives the user 200mb of data and unlimited calls and texts back to Ireland as well as to numbers in the country they’re visiting from as little as €2.99 a day; significantly less than you’d usually pay for roaming charges.

Vodafone has urged customers travelling outside of Europe during the disruption period to opt in to Red Roaming before Thursday.

Other services set to be affected over the four days include the Vodafone app, using the MyVodafone service, applying add-ons and making changes to your plan.