To be honest I'd be annoyed too if someone mocked my spouse's medical condition 11 months ago

To be honest I'd be annoyed too if someone mocked my spouse's medical condition

It's really not on.

There's been a lot of talk today about the events at the most recent Oscars regarding Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

Some people support Will and say he has every right to do what he did.

Others think he was out of line.

Personally, I don't think he should have slapped Rock, but I do agree with him on wanting to stand up for his wife and I would have felt exactly the same way if someone mocked my spouses medical condition.

The slap itself seems to have caused the most controversy and to be fair he shouldn't have put his hands on Rock.

He could have still made his point by grabbing the mic and as us Irish say 'make a holy show of him'.

The fact is when Rock started to mock Jada's alopecia, it went from laughing with the audience to laughing at someone in the audience, for something they can't help.


Jada has even said in interviews before how she has struggled with her body image and self esteem because of the condition.

I absolutely would have been furious if I had to sit in an audience and listen to someone mercilessly mock my spouse.

In fact having a parent with an auto immune condition I would be furious at someone mocking anyone I'm close to about something they have no control over.

I've seen people write that the Smith's put themselves in the firing line for these types of jokes because of their open marriage, but what has their relationship got to do with Jada's alopecia?

Whether or not you agree with how Smith handled the situation, the fact remains that he had every right to be annoyed on his wife's behalf.

I know I would have felt exactly the same if I had been in his position.