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28th Sep 2023

‘My husband hates my daughter’s boyfriend and his behaviour is wild – what do I do?’

It can be hard for dads to watch their little girls grow up especially when it comes to something like dating and first boyfriends, it can all feel a bit too much.

For so long they’ve been the number one man in their daughter’s life, so it can be difficult to adjust to the fact there might just be another person in her life.

Yet for one Reddit user, her husband seemed to take the news of their child’s boyfriend particularly badly and she turned to the internet to get people’s opinions on her situation.

Her 16-year-old daughter has been seeing her boyfriend for over a year and while she likes the boy and finds him to be respectful the dad doesn’t seem to like him one bit.

She wrote about her other half’s behaviour saying: “He gets really annoyed with him and does not like the fact that our daughter is dating. I understand the whole ‘protect your daughter’ idea but it has become so much bigger than that.

“A few weeks ago at a family bbq, my daughter’s boyfriend was trying to put ice down my daughter’s shirt. He was kind of messing with her and she said ‘Ow’ and my husband went over the top. He told her boyfriend ‘I’ll wrestle you’ and then pretty much wrestled him to the ground.”

While those who saw the incident weren’t happy and urged the Reddit user to leave her husband, he did sit down and worked things out with the boyfriend but unfortunately, it appeared to only be a temporary truce.

“Tonight, my daughter invited her boyfriend into her bedroom to show him something and my husband came out and got mad and told the boyfriend to get out. He told my daughter that she knows the rules and he shouldn’t have been in there,” she added, noting that her daughter was beginning to dislike her dad.

Well, the Reddit comments seemed to have their minds made up and called out her husband for his “childish” behaviour.

“Your husband assaulted the boyfriend because he was playing around with your daughter? Girl, you need far more help than Reddit can give you,” penned one.

A second added: “This is childishly immature. The shotgun-toting dad is such a played-out trope that it’s embarrassing. Your daughter has a boyfriend and your husband struggles with that.

“Maybe it’s the growing up, maybe it’s the thought of sex, maybe it’s the ‘I’m not the only man in her life’ jealousy. Who knows, none of them are healthy.”

While a third wrote: “Your husband stands a real chance to lose his daughter. The fact is, she’s interested in boys and will eventually pick one.

“He has absolutely nothing to say about it, other than possibly drive her to the first one rather than the right one.”