Amanda Seyfreid has shared her thoughts on breastfeeding 1 year ago

Amanda Seyfreid has shared her thoughts on breastfeeding

So what's the best way to feed your baby?

Amanda Seyfried, who gave birth to her first child last March, with husband Thomas Sadoski, has made her stance on the issue of breastfeeding very clear and we are huge fans of the simple yet flawless words she chose. In a Tweet she posted on Wednesday she said,

“Breastfeeding is awesome. Formula is Awesome. Feeding your baby is awesome. Not awesome? Judgement.”

Undoubtedly a major supporter of mums, the 31-year-old actress didn’t just stop there.



The quotes she used were words previously uttered by Maureen Shaw, Founder and Editor in Chief of which is dedicated to fighting for women’s rights. Shaw wrote an intriguing article about America’s sexualisation of women and their breasts and wrote candidly about the debate surrounding breastfeeding in public.

Evidently, Amanda is a big fan of Shaw’s work and the new mum is well on her way for arguing against breastfeed shaming, whether it be what we feed our babas or where we feed them for that matter. When baba is hungry, baba’s got to eat.