This is how much 'me time' the average mum gets per day 1 month ago

This is how much 'me time' the average mum gets per day

Do you feel like you've had little or no time to yourself since you became a mum?

You won't be surprised to hear you're not alone in that; a new survey shows that mums ‘me time’ lasts, on average, 52 minutes. For some (33%) it’s only 30 minutes a day.

That's barely an episode of Corrie...

According to new research by B&M Stores, 76% of mums get up before their kids to get breakfast on the table every morning, with two-thirds waking their kids up and helping them to get dressed on a daily basis.

The most common time for mums to wake up during the week is between 6:31 and 7am, however, 15% of those asked say they get up before 6am to get a start on the day.

A third of mums said they have between 21 and 30 minutes to get ready, followed by 27% who say they take between 11 and 20 minutes.


It's a pigtail and ponytail bonanza first thing, with 62% of mums doing their kids hair in the mornings. Afterwards 61% of mums do the school run.

All in, some mums get less than half an hour’s time alone, with a third of those questioned saying they have 30 minutes or less of ‘me time’ during the day.

So what do they do with those precious minutes? Most mums say they are most likely to watch TV to unwind. Other ways mums choose to spend their small amount of ‘me time’ is by reading a book, having a long bath or shopping online.

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