10 special and unique baby gifts (that nobody else will think to buy) 4 years ago

10 special and unique baby gifts (that nobody else will think to buy)

Bringing parents a present to celebrate the arrival of their new bundle is a sweet tradition most of us uphold when meeting a new baby for the first time.

But knowing exactly what to buy can be a little trickier. Some go the practical route, while others chose to pick a present parents wouldn't think to buy themselves. There is a world of cuter than cute baby gifts to chose from out there, but here are some of the ones we think will earn you major hugs and thank-you's. (And maybe even a squeeze of that brand new baba!):

1. Milestone Baby Cards

These 30 photo cards will help the new parents capture baby’s first year in weeks, months and memorable moments. Simply add a card to the baby pictures and they will never forget when their little one slept through the night, rolled over or said mama for the first time. Look for stockists here.

2. My First Passport/My First Luggage Tag holders

Nowadays parents don't think twice about bringing their new baby off on far-flung holidays and adventures. To make sure their little bundle will hit the skies in style, these personalised passport and luggage tag holders are the perfect gift. Order from here.

3. The Birth Poster


This Swedish company will capture baby's exact size (1:1 scale) in a beautiful illustration. There are a few styles to chose from, and the posters can be printed with text in any language you prefer. All you do is provide details of your baby's height and weight at birth, the date and time of their delivery and their full name. A gorgeous piece of art for any parents' wall. Order from here.

4. Personalized pacifier clip

Provided you know the name already, this personalized pacifier clip is a sweet (and budget friendly) gift for any new baby. Order from here.


5. Personalized ABC poster

Some personalized art for the new baby's bedroom is always a winner, and we think these gorgeous poster by Made By Girl are SO sweet. Customize colours and add in the name and you are good to go. Order here.



6. Buy a star

Now, what can trump buying a new baby its own STAR? We think very little. Once you purchase the star, you will be sent a complete gift package with pictures, interesting facts, and background information about the star. Wrap up and present to the new parents. Order stars here.


7. Hand and foot print set

Perfect and sweet, this ink-less hand- and footprint set will help parents capture just how small their little bundle once was. Order from here.

8. Personalized bedtime book

"For never before in a story or rhyme (not even once upon a time) has the world known a you…" Treat a new baby to its very own personalized story, surely something they will love to read over and over again. Order from Putmeinthestory here.

9. "Give a girl a head start"

At Action Aid Ireland you can donate money towards sending a little girl in Africa or Asia to school - a perfect gift with a heart for any parents of new baby girl. As a token of your donation you will be sent a beautiful paper card and bookmark you can gift to the baby. Order here.


10. Mom's One Line a Day

Being a new mum is a busy time, and much as she would love to scrap book and write down every little thing that happens as her baby develops, chances are she will not have the time. Which is why the One Line a Day notebook is perfect. This memory keeper offers a quick and easy way to capture the everyday moments of motherhood, in one line a day.


What was the sweetest gift YOU received when your babies were born? Let me know at Trine.Jensen@HerFamily.ie.