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26th Jun 2021

5 easy (and fun) indoor activities to beat boredom one wet and rainy weekends

These might just save your sanity

Trine Jensen-Burke

indoor activities for rainy days

I don’t know about your house, but in my house, things can start to go south rather quickly in days when we are pretty much house-bound due to grim weather.

And this weekend is set to be a rather wet one, I fear.

Meaning, you need some  indoor activities up your sleeve, mums – and we got just the ones.


Enter some very handy, not-too-active activities, bound to keep them entertained and keep you sane at the same time. Win-bloody-win.

Forget about the iPad (or reach for it if things get really grim – no judging!), here are five great indoor ideas for when your kids are under the weather:

1. Make blanket forts

This one always goes down a treat with my kids. And it could not be easier to do. If you have pillows, blankets, and some sofa cushions, then you have the makings of a sweet blanket tent, mamas. Give them a flashlight, some books or board games, and let them “camp out” all afternoon in their new tent.

2. Go indoor bowling

If you have a long hallway in the house (or feel up for pushing some furniture in the living room out of the way), then this is a great game. And don’t worry about not having a toy bowling set, plastic cups, and some kind of soft ball will do the job too.

3. Turn housework into a game

Kids are competitive little creatures, and this, mamas, this you should use to your full advantage. Tidying, folding, washing, doing the dishes and dusting can all be made into a game or competition. Especially with the right incentive… like chocolate.

4. Organize a scavenger hunt

That is, hide random things around the house and see if your kids can find them.Or, even better, not only find them, but also put them back where they belong.

5. Bake something

Kids love baking, and you don’t have to make it complicated, mamas. In fact, I am going to say, the easier the project, the easier the clean-up after, which can only be a win-win.

Have YOU got any great ideas for keeping the kids entertained when they are home sick-ish from school? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie