5 easy ways to keep your relationship healthy when you've had a baby 7 years ago

5 easy ways to keep your relationship healthy when you've had a baby

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to change (and test) a relationship, it’s having a baby.

Even the most solid of partnerships are put under pressure from the stress that comes with sleep deprivation and a change in family dynamics.

We all know a healthy relationship requires time and attention, but that’s easier said than done when a new (and cuter) arrival becomes the centre of your universe.

Partners can often take a backseat when you become a parent (guilty as charged), but investing in your relationship will help take the stress away from other things (like overbearing in-laws).

Here are 5 tips to help keep your relationship healthy, happy and out of the trenches when you become a parent.

1. Communicate

When you've just had a baby, you're going to feel more feelings than you've ever felt before, which is why keeping the channels of communication open is key right now – even if that means talking about stuff that's bothering you. Unless your partner is a mind reader, of course.

2. Spend wisely

Statistically, money is the greatest source of arguments for couples – regardless of how much is in the bank. In theory, having some of your own cash set aside before the baby arrives is the best plan; however, it doesn’t always work out that way. Relying on your partner can be difficult when you've been financially independent, but even just a little money for baby classes or extra coffees can be key to your survival, sanity and, in turn, your relationship at the moment.


3. Show affection

Whether it’s a peck goodbye in the morning or a welcome home hug at night, just a small token of affection will make you and your partner feel good. Let's face it, you're probably not in the mood for anything more having recently pushed out a human. Besides, hugging alone will stimulate the happy hormone, Oxytocin. Apparently a kiss on the lips from your partner in the morning extends your life expectancy by five years!

4. Find ‘me time’

It’s hard to get excited about your relationship if you’re worn out after being with a baby all day. If you can, make time for yourself so you can recharge and find energy for your partner. Whether it’s going for a walk alone or having a soak in the bath, you and your relationship will benefit from YOU just chilling the hell out every now and then.

5. Make time for each other

Babies are awesome, but there's no getting away from the fact that they are all-consuming. Giving your relationship (and partner) undivided attention when you can, however, will help keep you on the right tracks. Finding time to be alone together isn’t easy so make sure you plan in advance. Put it in the diary and call it ‘date night’ – if you need to. Even just sitting down to eat a nice dinner together at home will help reignite the spark. And, hopefully, remind you both that you're more than just housemates.