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30th Dec 2021

Can I still legitimately claim ‘baby brain’ eight years later?

Don't even get me started on the password issue.

Alison Bough

baby brain

Science says it’s an actual thing, but how long can I get away with claiming ‘baby brain’ for?

Psychologists have told us that baby brain is a thing and it’s not even our fault. We know that pregnant women start to show increased activity in the area of the brain related to emotional skills as they prepare to bond with their babies, but can I still blame my forgetfulness and lapses in concentration now that my ‘baby’ is eight?

I’ve now experienced years – yes YEARS – of walking into rooms to get something and then not having a clue why I’m there, accidentally putting non-food items in my fridge, and generally spacing out.

Here are nine examples of baby brain (I don’t care – I’m still calling it that) that I go through in an average week…

1. Supermarket 

I go in armed with a list (must have the list) and all my good intentions, yet I invariably exit said shop minus what I went in for. How is this even possible?

2. Please enter your PIN

Oh sorry that’s my phone pin, nope house alarm… Oh, no wait hang on…that’s the security code for work. This is definitely it – oops wrong card. Sorry, just give me a minute here *cue nervous laughter* Don’t even get me started on the password issue.

3. All the names

Currently calling out every child’s name (and sometimes throwing in the dog’s name for good measure) in the hopes of getting to the right one eventually. Bizarrely, I have a much higher success rate with nicknames.

4. Walking in and out of rooms

Wait, why did I even come in here? There was something. Something important. Definitely something I had to get. Nope, nada. Leaves room and remembers immediately.

5. How old am I?

Doris Day recently forgot how old she was, but the woman has an excuse given that she’s in her blimmin’ nineties. I, however, have no excuse bar the fact that I may actually be subconsciously trying to forget how old I am. If you ask me this question please be aware that there may be a significant time delay while I ask a family member for the answer.

6. Has anyone seen?

My keys, my coffee, my handbag, my youngest child, my mind? No? I could have sworn I left it right here…

7. The front door

Did I lock the front door? I did, didn’t I? I definitely did. Sorry kids, we need to turn around – I forgot to lock the front door. Front door already triple-locked.

8. Mid-sentence confusion

What was I saying there a minute ago? No, no before that. No, not that – the other thing. It was about the thingy, the thingy we were just talking about there.

9. Mystery bruises

I have a great television series pitch for a new mystery-drama called “Where In The Name of God Did This Bruise Come From?“, following one woman’s quest to get to the bottom of the inexplicable hematomas on her legs.