Creating a 'yes space' might just be the key to managing working from home with kids 4 months ago

Creating a 'yes space' might just be the key to managing working from home with kids

Can we all admit that working from home when you have kids is not easy.

And yes, schools and creches are now back on, but the kids are still finished their day a while before you are finished your work-day, and trying to keep them busy while you navigate deadlines, e-mails and Zoom calls can be anything but a breeze.

Luckily, child development specialists have a solution for parents balancing work from home and childcare. If you find yourself attending a Zoom meeting while your two-year-old runs around screaming, you need a ‘Yes Space’.

What is a 'Yes Space' I hear you ask?

A 'Yes Space' – in short – is a space in your home where your child can play safely and unsupervised while you work. An area where you don't have to watch them or monitor them at all times, and where they have access to toys, materials etc. that they are allowed to play with and that they don't have to ask your permission to do.

In other words, by organising a 'Yes Space' in your home, where your child can play while you do important work like attend a Zoom meeting or conference call, you are buying yourself the time and space to work without worry or disruption.

The good news? A 'Yes Space' might be as beneficial to your child as it is to you.


It encourages independent play, it promotes their imagination and it teaches your child to enjoy and seek out calm activities, like reading and colouring. It can also be really great for developing your child's ability to focus on something.

How to set up a 'Yes Space'

A 'Yes Space' needs to be set up for your child's age, meaning you need to pick out toys and activities that are age-appropriate and that they enjoy playing with.

For instance, for a toddler, a 'Yes Space' might have picture books, puzzles, and building blocks.

Older children might also enjoy books, as well as colouring pages, arts and crafts activities suited to their age and interest, beads, play dough and other items and things that they enjoy playing with.