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07th Oct 2015

Cute and simple pumpkin lanterns. No carving required

Sive O'Brien

Nothing says Halloween quite like a well-carved pumpkin. Except for these cute mason jar pumpkin lanterns that is.

If, like me, your pumpkin carving skills leave a lot to be desired, check out this less labour-intensive version for a quick and simple solution to lighting up your Halloween. The kids will love them; plus, they’ll last longer than the traditional kind.

What you need:

Smooth mason jar
Orange tissue paper
Black paper
Green ribbon
Tealight candle

What you need to do:

Cut the orange tissue paper into about one inch width strips, then lightly glue them vertically to the outside of your mason jar.
With a pencil, draw your pumpkin’s eyes, nose, mouth on the black paper, then cut the pieces out before glueing to the outside of the mason jar.
Wrap the green ribbon around the top of the jar.
Fill the bottom of the jar with rice, then put your tealight candle in the middle.

Main image via The Vegan Bear