This Dad Invented The PERFECT DIY Toddler Toy 6 years ago

This Dad Invented The PERFECT DIY Toddler Toy

You know the story: you spring for the pricey TV toy and they spend a week playing with the box. Those crates of building blocks? Ignored in favour of a saucepan and wooden spoon. 

Anyone in possession of one knows that toddlers are fickle little creatures. They know what they like and nobody but nobody will convince them otherwise.

That's why this slightly ghetto homemade entertainment centre is possibly the most ingenius creation we've ever seen.

Dad Teachezofpeachez took to Imgur to share an image of his little munchkin enjoying a collection of everyday objects that, for some weird reason, toddlers simply cannot resist.


The collection of items glued to a large wooden board includes a calculator, some keys, a lock and bolt, a toilet roll holder, some fridge magnets, a light that switches on and off and a telephone.



While there's no denying it's not the safest creation (we'd cut the phone cord to make it safer and always make sure the child is supervised while playing with this) it is a guaranteed way to keep a curious little mind occupied for hours.

It might also influence his career choices.

"There are quite a few locks on there..." says Imgur user Punkasaurus. "They're training an adorable little thief!"