This Doctor Can Stop Babies Crying With ONE Move (And It Works EVERY Time) 6 years ago

This Doctor Can Stop Babies Crying With ONE Move (And It Works EVERY Time)

A Californian doctor has shared a unique trick for soothing a crying baby.

Paediatrician Dr Bob Hamilton developed his unique 'Hold' through years of dealing with bawling infants brought to his surgery for check-ups and vaccinations.

Demonstrating his unique hold in a video that has been shared more than 22 million times, the doctor shows the camera how he carefully folds baby's arms across its chest before gently rocking it at a 45 degree angle.

'Everything you do is very gentle, you don't want to do any jerky motions ever,' Dr Hamilton advises.

'You hold the child with the fleshy part of your hand, not the fingertips, and I am supporting his chin, which is why I am holding him at a 45 degree angle.'

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, babies just cry, says Dr Hamilton, “It’s uncontrollable and if you’ve checked the baby is dry and well fed, there’s not much you can do about it,”


Another tip Dr Hamilton tells all new parents to remember when baby cries for a prolonged period is: “Put your baby down gently on his back, somewhere safe like a crib and walk away.”

This may not immediately soothe the baby, however it does give mum or dad a minute or two to calm down, take a deep breath and try another tactic.

Watch Dr. Hamilton's video here...

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