Up your Elf on the Shelf game this year with these seriously cool props 10 months ago

Up your Elf on the Shelf game this year with these seriously cool props

It might seem much soon to be thinking about the return of that little elf that lives in your house in December.

But, guys – December 1st (and Elf Return Week, as that week is also known) is really not that far away – especially if you are looking to order some fun props to help your little house-guest get up to all sorts of fun things this festive season.

No, seriously – you think your elf was cool last Christmas? Well, now he can work at his own coffee shop, play Bingo or a game of basketball, order pizza or even grab a McDonald's when he gets hungry.

If you think this sounds like all sorts of elf fun, well, then you better get ordering some of these seriously amazing props:

1. McElves

Even elves like a bit of fast food now and then it seems.

McElves aprons + props (including burgers, fries, desk and computer).

€19.70, Etsy


2. Close contact Elf

This little guy has clearly been deemed a close contact – and is taking all the precautions.

€8.99, Etsy

3. Twister Elf

Well, of course he likes playing Twister – who doesn't?

€4.94, Etsy


4. Elf pj's

Because even elves love nothing more than to get into their cozy pj's.

€20.25, Etsy

5. Elf Bucks

We're not the only ones needing our coffee fix in the morning.

Elf Bucks aprons with props (including table, cups, banner and computer)

€19.71, Etsy


6. Elf birthday kit

Elves are all about enjoying life – so of course he likes to celebrate his birthday in style.

€5.48, Etsy

7. Basketball Elf

He likes to stay fit, and basketball is his favourite sport.

€4.94, Etsy


8. Elf Pizza Parlor

Who doesn't love a cheesy pizza?

€4.37, Etsy

9. Elf Bingo

Who is going to win?

€2.19, Etsy