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06th Feb 2017

Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Little One’s Skin Baby-Soft This Winter

Amanda Cassidy

Those velvety toes and dimpled fingers – there is nothing that smells or feels as good as your baby’s skin. 

But what many of us don’t realise is that baby’s skin is a lot more sensitive than we think.

Newbies are prone to dry patches and other conditions that can leave your bub chapped or rashy – especially in winter.

Add in central heating and dribble-rashes and soon we can see why a ‘winter strategy’ is a good idea.

Here are our top tips to keep your baby’s skin super soft with advice from Michelle Comrie, midwife at Southampton Princess Anne Hospital.

1. Reduce exposure to irritants

Many soaps and lotions are heavily perfumed and can leave a residue of irritants on your baby’s skin. When my daughter was born we used cotton wool and warm water on her cute tush as we didn’t want to use anything perfumed or irritating but once we realised that WaterWipes were made of 99 per cent water we went straight to living on them to keep her clean. Scrapping wet poop with teeny cotton wool balls at 5 am is not the most fun in the world (just FYI).

2. Bathing the right way

When bathing your baby, ensure the temperature of the room is warm, to begin with, and don’t offer hot baths as they can dry your baby’s skin out slightly. Warm is perfect. Try and limit baths to five or 10 minutes so baby’s skin doesn’t get too ‘pruney’. Make sure you make it fun for them. Put in the work now as you have YEARS of bath time fun ahead and you want it to go smoothly.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.

Be generous with your cream when moisturising your baby. Use a hypoallergenic emollient to keep the natural skin barrier. Coconut oil is very good for this too. Take the time to do a little baby massage – our little ones LOVED this and kept them super calm and relaxed just before bedtime.

4. Beware of hidden parts

Between bathing, remember to regularly clean baby dribble or spit up from their neck area and keep this area dry to avoid ‘dribble rash’. Opt for chemical-free wipes and always remove their babygro if it gets damp. Check behind their little ears as this area can get quite dry and examine their little under arms as their teeny baby creases can get all clogged up.

5. Watch the cold

Your baby is also much more likely to suffer from dry, chapped lips or sore cheeks this time of the year as their skin is thinner. Try rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on the baby’s face and lips before going outdoors and try and limit the time they spend outdoors when it’s especially cold.

Delicate skin demands the purest care. WaterWipes are as natural as cotton wool and water, just more convenient. Reducing exposure to irritants in the winter months is a key part of this baby skin care strategy. Investing in a packet of WaterWipes will help you clean effectively without the need for soap or harsh chemicals. More information on the brand and where to purchase WaterWipes can be found here.

WaterWipes are available from Boots, Super Value, Tesco and Dunnes.