Expert shares 100-second trick to get you baby to nod off 1 month ago

Expert shares 100-second trick to get you baby to nod off

A child sleep expert has shared the best way to get your baby to drift off to sleep if they happen to wake up in the middle of the night.

We all know the stress of when babies wake up at night for feeds and changes, but often getting them back to sleep can be a stressful task.

However, this struggle might just be a thing of the past now after this incredibly effective trick.

Paediatric sleep consultant Lily, or @dreamcoach on TikTok, explained how her job is all about ensuring a baby gets to sleep, and making sure parents don't miss out on some much needed shut eye.

Lily explained to her followers how to use the "respond versus react" method.

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She said: "Parents, when your baby wakes up and they haven’t slept for very long, I want you to do just one thing.

"I promise this one thing will make a huge difference in them settling back to sleep and learning to fall asleep independently."

The baby sleep expert added: "All I want you to do is watch the monitor and I want you to count to a hundred. Don't go in if they're fussing, just watch and respond versus react.


"It's normal for babies to wake up. They just need time to put themselves back to sleep.

"So giving them even just a hundred seconds...can make a huge difference and likely they will put themselves back to sleep."

The clip has been liked by tens of thousands since it was uploaded last week, and many parents have been praising the technique.

One said: "My one-year-old wakes up once a night and a few times will be fussy but ya girl's tired!! Thanks for advice."

Another added: "We do fuss it out. We give her a few mins if she’s not actually crying. If she’s crying. We go in and soothe her.”