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24th Dec 2019

Technician shares advice on car seat safety and it’s necessary reading for all parents

We can see her point.

Cathy Donohue

Car safety is so important and as parents, expert information is always welcomed.

There’s one thing you may not have considered and that’s what your child is wearing when sitting in the car seat.

According to this particular expert, it’s necessary to take off your little one’s warm coats before starting the journey and as it’s winter right now, this is especially topical.

During the colder months, one of your main priorities is keeping your little ones warm and so when travelling, they’re bundled up wearing their snug jackets.

However, Alanna Pinkerton, a certified child passenger safety technician, has given some expert advice and it’s worth noting.

In conversation with Pop Sugar, she explained why it’s essential to remove your child’s jacket before going anywhere in the car.

The room left between their body and the car seat straps, due to the coat acting as a barrier, can leave them in danger if a crash occurs not to mention the fact that they can become uncomfortable.

“Children are uncomfortable in those thick winter coats when strapped into a tight harness. Just think about ourselves as adults and how we feel when we’re in our winter coats in the car.

“You may be in a hurry and leave their coat on as you’re cold, but always secure your child properly in their car seat even if you’re going just two blocks around the corner. Most crashes occur within about a two-mile radius of the home.

“So no matter what, no coats”.

Alanna’s advice makes a lot of sense and it’s especially important at this time of year.