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24th Aug 2018

4 ways to fix hard slime with ingredients you probably already have at home

Keeley Ryan

Slime is having a moment, mamas.

And if your kids are loving making and playing with slime too,  then you’ve no doubt run into the downside of it all: what happens when things go wrong?

While it’s an  easy DIY that will keep your little ones busy for hours upon hours, it doesn’t take much to throw the whole recipe off and make it too stretchy, goopy or simply too hard.

And sometimes you can follow the recipe to a T, but it still won’t turn out right.

But thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to fix it up once again – without having to throw the slime in the bin.

Hand Lotion

In a so-simple-it-seems-too-obvious kind of way, it turns out that hand lotion is also a quick-fix for hard slime, too.

Just add a spoonful or two, depending on its condition, and a dash of water. Knead the slime and see how it goes – and adjust the extra ingredients accordingly.

Add a bit more water

Sometimes your slime can be fixed by simply stirring in a bit more water – usually no more than a spoonful.

Knead the mixture until it softens up, and your slime will be as good as new in no time.

Anti-bacterial gel

Another easy fix for slime is to add in a few drops of anti-bacterial gel. Simply place the slime in a bowl and squeeze in some of the gel.

Stir it in as best as you can, and knead the slime until it is soft. Again, adjust the measurements accordingly if it doesn’t work on the first try.

Add more glue

Sometimes, slime recipes call for glue, laundry detergent or even liquid starch. If you have used one of these mixtures, sometimes adding a bit more glue can fix it up.

Add the glue in a spoonful at a time, kneading it into the slime to soften it.