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Family dynamics

05th Dec 2018

Jamie and Jools Oliver have the sweetest Christmas tradition with their kids

Olivia Hayes

We all have little traditions with our families.

Some open a present on Christmas Eve, some buy Christmas pyjamas, others play game – however, Jamie and Jools Oliver’s Christmas tradition is one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

The parents took to Instagram to share a picture of their kids, Buddy and Petal, along with a small wooden manger sitting on the table.

Jools captioned the post: “We have so many traditions from both myself and Jamie’s childhood, which we have loved sharing with our children, they are so important to us.

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“We have also gained a few new ones along the way from beloved friends and some I have just stumbled across. I am really excited about this one I found my chance.

”The Giving Manger – from the beginning of December each day you have to complete an act of kindness for someone else no matter how big or small, then you can place a piece of straw in to the manger and hopefully by Christmas Eve the little manger will be full of straw and you can place baby Jesus in there.”

She continued: “Honestly the children were so excited to start and so far we have racked up a few straws each. I love hearing what they have done, whether it be at school or home, and asking me if it deserves a straw.

Being kind is the only thing that matters and we hope they carry this tradition through to their little families too.”

What a lovely thing to do!