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Family dynamics

03rd Dec 2020

Larry Gogan’s 12 grandkids fill in for him on air

Cassie Stokes

“This year Larry is sadly no longer with us and we miss him loads.”

Larry Gogan’s 12 grandchildren took to the Irish airwaves earlier this week to kick off the yearly first Christmas song on 2fm.

It’s been an emotional few days for RTÉ between The Late Late Toy Show and now this. I don’t think I’ll have any more tears left for any more emotional events happening over the next few days. I’m all cried out!

Larry Gogan famously played the first Christmas song of the station on December 1st every year, so it was only right the crew did something special to remember the legend who passed away earlier this year.

His 12 grandchildren joined Eoghan McDermott and Doireann Garrihy on the 2fm morning show and had everyone who was listening in tears.

The two radio presenters and Larry’s grandchildren remembered the DJ on the show saying: “December 1 was always a very special day for our grandad Larry. For weeks before he’d get the same question from everyone every year… what song are you starting this Christmas with?”

They continued; “This year Larry is sadly no longer with us and we miss him loads.”

The grandkids then went on to reveal the song they chose this year – Christmas favourite, ‘All I want for Christmas is you,’ by Mariah Carey.

It was an emotional show for Doireann and Eoghan too, as well as the many listeners around the country who tuned in for the special occasion.

One listener tweeted: “Why am I crying on the way to work when Larry Gogan’s grandchildren announced the first Christmas song on @RTE2fm beautiful @DoireannGarrihy thanks lads Loudly crying face!”

Another tweeted: “Hard not to be emotional hearing Larry Gogan’s grandchildren introduce the first Christmas song of 2020 on @RTE2fm.”

I’m not crying, you’re crying.