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Big Kids

05th Nov 2020

Nobody wants head lice so here’s how to banish those pesky insects most effectively

Brought to you by Hedrin

Indeed, it is possible friends.

When you would think 2020 couldn’t get any more wild, imagine an infestation of head lice, bang on top of your little one’s head, causing all the more mayhem, plus a little more itch and discomfort.

It’s just not what we need, is it?

Well, thankfully, there’s a tremendous way to have the little critters know they’re not all that welcome and to park the nitty-gritty problem(s) right at the front door.

The only way is Hedrin, the safe and hassle-free product to banish head lice and nits for good.

There are two Hedrin products to help:

Hedrin Once is the fast-acting, liquid gel formulation solution that takes just 15 minutes to work and is clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs with just one application.

Now that’s just ruthless and we love it.

Simply apply Hedrin Once over the head while the hair is dry. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse. Then reapply, leave for 15 minutes and rinse again.

Finally, apply conditioner, rinse, then dry the hair. And by the way, Hedrin Once doesn’t lather, so don’t worry about seeing no suds — you’re doing it right.

Then there’s Hedrin Treat & Go — a fuss-free solution great for those bundles of energy at home that won’t sit still.

It’s a water-based treatment that rinses out of hair easily without leaving any greasy residue. The product is hardly noticeable on hair so you can apply it in the morning, leave it to dry naturally or with a hairdryer and go about your day. All you need to do then is rinse it off in the evening.

Alternatively, you can apply it at night time, leave it for at least eight hours overnight and rinse off in the morning. This option requires two applications (eight hours or overnight), seven days apart.

Don’t forget, if you’d rather take zero chances, there’s also Hedrin Protect & Go which works before any amount of head lice get the chance to settle in.  So use Protect & Go to keep them entirely at bay.

So with the kids back to school, we can rest assured there will be at least fewer surprises coming our way and certainly not any creepy crawlies on our heads!

Check out Hedrin’s super effective products at your local pharmacy.

Brought to you by Hedrin