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Family dynamics

04th Aug 2018

Prince George looks SO LIKE dad William in this throwback pic

Jade Hayden

They dress them this way on purpose, don’t they?

Prince George has had a bit of a wild month, hasn’t he?

He turned five. He wore some shorts. He was listed as one of the most stylish people in Britain.

All in a day’s work, yeah.

The Prince George news doesn’t stop there though because we’ve only gone and stumbled across an old photo of dad Prince William and the two of them are the genuine spit of one another.

Probably because they’re pretty much wearing the exact same outfit, but whatever.

Here’s George from brother Prince Louis’s christening.

And here’s Prince William 33 years ago in Italy on the royal yacht Brittania.

Peter Pan collars never go out of style.

William was pictured on the yacht back in 1985 alongside dad Prince Philip, mum Princess Diana, and baby brother Prince Harry.

Another time that George stole Will’s look was a few years back when he was brought to Charlotte’s christening.

The lads both wore red shorts, black sandals, white socks, and a detailed white top.

Legit can’t even tell the difference between them, like.

Typical royal family genes.