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Family dynamics

19th Feb 2018

Dad shares little girl’s poignant texts to her granddad who passed away

'Have a great time in heaven.'

Rory Cashin

'Being a dad can be quite a lonely life,' says father who set up dad's social group

Not. Able. For. This.

For anyone out there who had a grandparent that they loved pass away, there is perhaps a niggling want to say stuff to them that you never got the chance to.

Or maybe you just miss having regular catch-ups with them, they were the people that you dished out your daily life with, and you’d really enjoy having another conversation about nothing and/or everything.

As a parent, it can be heartbreaking to have lost your own mum or dad, knowing your own children are missing out on time with a grandparent, which is part of what makes this story so adorable.

James O’Brien, who hosts a podcast with our sister site, gave his young daughter an old phone of his, having downloaded a few games on to it for her to play with, but disabling the internet connection on it.

Over the weekend, he happened upon the phone again, and noticed that his young daughter had been texting her granddad, his dad, on regular intervals, despite the fact that he had passed away five years earlier.

He went on to share the heartwarming and heartbreaking messages to the folks on Twitter, to which people clearly got very emotional about, but also allowed them to open up about their own ways of coping with loss.