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Family dynamics

15th Oct 2019

Web Summit giving attendees childcare special offer this year

A fantastic idea.

In the very recent past, having a child meant that you often had to limit your working abilities.

Got an international conference? You’ll need to make sure you’ve got someone to mind your child first.

Need to take some clients out for drinks? Not if you don’t have a babysitter.

Working late? Not too late though because you’ll need to pick the kids up at some point.

A lot of the time, it would seem as if the working world just doesn’t care about parents, the sacrifices they make to provide for their families, and the simple fact that sometimes, your kids are just going to have to come with you when you’re away on business.

And while we still have a long way to go in terms of accessibility for parents, the guys over at Web Summit have given it a good shot.

For this year’s upcoming week-long event, the summit have partnered with one of Lisbon’s local childcare providers to give attendees who are bringing their children along a special discount.

The city’s Creche do Gato Amarelo will be offering a special deal on childcare Monday, November 4 through Friday, November 8.

They will be taking children aged between four months and three years old, and will cost €40 a day per child including meals, nappies, and learning time.

Very handy for parents hoping to attend the conference this year.

If you’re interested though, there are only 55 places available, so you better get booking here if you’re interested. 

Now, if only more conferences would start to offer the same.