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16th Jan 2020

Hodges Figgis is throwing a Harry Potter book night next month and we’re going

Grab your wands and brooms!

Are your kids big Harry Potter fans?

If so then they’re in for a treat because Hodges Figgis will be holding an out of this world fun day dedicated to the beloved wizard.

Situated in Dublin city centre, the bookstore’s event is jam packed with Hogwarts inspired activities.

Held in store on Thursday February 6, you can expect lots of Hogwarts themed crafts running from 3pm to 6pm.

The theme of the day is “The Triwizard Tournament” and the activities will include Harry Potter storytimes, games, colouring!

Hodges Figgis announced the magical event on their Facebook page earlier today and we’re all ready pumped to go;

“We will be celebrating Harry Potter Book Night on Thursday 6th February.
The theme for this year is The Triwizard Tournament.

We invite you to come along and make your own Harry Potter themed Bookmark!
Make a Hogwarts Necktie Bookmark in your House Colours or you can make a Book-Eating Bookmark looking like your favourite Dragon from the Triwizard Tournament!
Hungarian Horntail or a Welsh Green?
Or perhaps a Mermaid or Ghost?

Crafts take place from 3-6pm on our First Floor. There will be colouring and activity sheets all day.
All Welcome!”

Hodges Figgis (which sounds like you’d find it down Diagon Alley) is also home to all of the Harry Books, so if your child is missing any from their collection they can pick one up quicker that you can say ‘accio book’!

Located only a stone’s throw away from Grafton street and the famous Trinity College, you can take the fun day at your leisure and maybe even grab a coffee and do a bit of shopping on the way.

So grab your Hogwarts robes and your wands because this is one Harry Potter event not to be missed.