'I am up against it': Kelly Brook on fears she's too late to have kids 5 years ago

'I am up against it': Kelly Brook on fears she's too late to have kids

The 38-year-old is questioning whether kids are in her future.

Kelly Brook returned to the Loose Women panel today and addressed one of the questions that she is asked all the time – does she have plans to have children?

Kelly spoke candidly about putting her career first for years and prioritising things like buying a home, however, says that she now fears she may have missed the boat.

“Coming from a working-class family, it was very much a case of being independent,” she said on the show today. “Buying my house was the most important thing.

“I spent so much time focused on my career that having a family was so left behind and now I am in my late 30s, I feel like actually, I wish I had kind of thought more about having more children earlier.

“I feel like now I am kind of up against it.”

Kelly went on to discuss the tragic miscarriage she experienced when she was just 30. The star was six months pregnant when she lost the baby and had to face the heartbreaking reality of giving birth to the child.


“I hit 30 and I got pregnant, and I said to myself, right, ‘I am not really ready to have children, but this is an amazing opportunity.

“I hadn’t planned to get pregnant, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage very late along the line.”

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Kelly’s candid discussion about her thoughts on having children was praised by many viewers who called the star “brave”.

“I think women think you can go through your life and have a baby whenever you want,” she added. “Well, some can and some can’t.

“And I don’t think I really realised that and now I don’t know if I am going to be able to carry a baby.”