This is how many questions on average kids ask every day 5 years ago

This is how many questions on average kids ask every day

Any parent, or anyone who's spent any time with small children, will know that they're very curious creatures.

The questions can be insulting ("why did your tummy get so wobbly?"), impossible to answer ("how many people in the world are on the toilet right now?") or just plain annoying ("but whyyyyyy?") but one thing is certain - they're non-stop.

Now a survey of 1,500 parents has revealed that kids ask an average of 73 questions a day.

Yes, just like Vogue Magazine, children quiz their parents and anyone else who's listening with dozens of questions each day.

A child asks the most questions at around four years of age and, as you might have guessed, many parents struggle to answer everything their little ones throw at them.

Forty per cent of the parents surveyed admitted that they feel "hopeless" over fielding all the questions they can't answer.

"As children grow up it’s natural to be curious about the world around them," said child psychologist Dr Sam Wass.


"But it can be tough to address the trickier topics - such as money and bedtime."

Dr Wass advises breaking things down to a level kids can understand when answering tricky questions.

"Using educational and visual aids such as toys can help to soften the difficulty of broaching trickier subjects.

"Expressing complex thoughts and ideas through familiar items can often help children’s understanding."