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03rd Jul 2023

M&S announces huge school uniform sale with 20% off essentials

The summer has only just begun, but we’re eager to save as much as possible on school essentials this year.

Parents will be thrilled to hear Marks & Spencer has slashed the price of their popular back-to-school collection with 20% off school uniform essentials.

M&S is committed to holding prices on their school uniform collection as families continue to struggle with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

M&S school uniform is designed to be durable and pass the ’hand-me-down’ quality test to ensure even when it’s outgrown, it’s too good to waste and can be handed down to family and friends.

Marks & Spencer has incorporated intelligent innovative design features that grow with children across the range.

The collection features uniform essentials with growth-proof hems and adjustable waistbands.

The 2023 range also includes the parent-friendly innovations M&S is known for – from permanent pleats in skirts to easy-to-iron shirts.


Uniforms are currently available for 20% less than their original price.

Parents have been advised to visit their local M&S soon because this is a limited offer.

You can buy a multipack of three cotton unisex polo shirts for just €7.60 with a 20% discount.

M&S Schoolwear is available all year round. The full Back to School product range is available in-store and online at M&