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07th Nov 2019

Mum accidentally sends envelope of hair to child’s teacher and we’re howling


We’ve all made mistakes…

It feels like almost every day my son comes home with a note from school saying that I need to send in money to his teacher.

Whether it’s swimming lessons, a play being put on at the school or a fundraiser, it’s near constant. I’ve actually started a jar of change for when he brings note home he gets them so often.

One other mum wrote about having a very similar situation in her home and how sometimes it’s so last minute she hardly has time to get everything she needs together.

Recently she needed an envelope to put some cash in for her child’s teacher and what seemed to start out as a win soon turned out to be anything but.

Popcorn for Lunch posted her predicament along with some photographic evidence and we can’t stop laughing;

“Everyday, money has to be sent into school.

Dinner money, disco money, sponsored bring-a-measuring-jug to school day, etc.

I’ll not lie, I spend most of my days rummaging for vessels for loose change. I had dreams once.

Yesterday morning, something exciting happened. I found a sleek, blue, unused envelope in the cupboard and strutted into school with the dinner money in it, feeling bloody delighted with myself.

Thought it a bit strange earlier when I found the envelope had come home again.

Helpfully, that’s the exact moment I realised that it was the envelope with the hair from the toddler’s first haircut in it.

So basically, I sent a sinister envelope of loose change and the hair of my young into the school.
And they sent it back. Without saying anything.

Probably won’t go back.”

We’ve all made mistakes and honestly it’s so refreshing to see mums tell it like it is, warts (or baby hair) and all.