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22nd Jul 2018

Mum extremely concerned by the way her friend puts her children to sleep

She's not impressed.

Jade Hayden

How do you get your children to sleep?

Do you rock them gently until they drift off?

Or do they have their nightly bottle of warm milk to ensure they achieve slumber?

Maybe they simply fall sound asleep without any help (and if so, you are extremely lucky.)

One mum, though, apparently has another way of getting her children to go to sleep – and that’s by putting a small bit of brandy in her children’s drinks before they head off to bed.

The anonymous mum supposedly posted her method on Facebook, leading to Mumsnet user ‘Allwashedup’ to take to the parenting forum to express her concern.

She wrote:

“I’ll get straight to the point, which is that a Facebook friend who I know fairly well has put up a post saying that putting brandy in her children’s tea (as in the drink) always gets them to sleep… these children are various ages from one to eight.

“I can’t help but be concerned that these children are being given alcohol but am not sure what to do.”

Some people responded to the post with their own worries about these children.

“That is a shocking thing to post on social media. You are completely correct in being concerned,” wrote one user.

“If you think she is telling the truth then you need to pass this into social services who will use their professional training and experience to decide if they think if it is worth investigating,” suggested another.

However, some were less convinced that the mum was doing anything wrong and that the Mumsnet user should mind her own business.

“She might be joking,” said one person.

“Got to agree that it’s not really any of your business. It could be a joke but even if not, it’s decision as the parent,” said another.

Allwashedup has not yet confirmed whether or not she will mind her own business in future, or if the mum in question was joking in her Facebook post.

We suppose only time will tell.